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“May god break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in.”

In Wisdom on June 17, 2013 at 3:50 pm

“What disintegrates in periods of rapid transformation is not the self, but its defenses and assumptions. Self-protection restricts vision and movement like a suit of armor, making it harder to adapt. Going to pieces, however uncomfortable, can open us up to new perceptions, new data, and new responses.” -Rita M. Gross

There is a difference between contemplating and living the inquiry. Compassion and kindness come easily when we are not holding our energy on judging versus forgiveness. There is change all the time, everything is fleeting. Why hold to our thoughts as a material object? Notice instead what we are and swim with it all and smile. Don’t look into into it, trust yourself, move with intention, and dive into nothing.

Please read more Pema, let yourself fall in love today.


I’m speaking cliches. “Can’t live your next chapter if you keep on reading the last” / “It’s up to you” / “If you want something make it happen”

Notice how you (not others, but yes you) react to these carpe diem cliches. Don’t judge yourself. Take a deep breath, exhale and let your judgement go. Now go do something or be something doing nothing. Toss around the idea: “Forgiveness is understanding there’s nothing to forgive.” WOAH.



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